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We have a new version of RegalLink!!

No program to download, access to your invoices and ability to view accounting information online. Contact us at for more information.

RegalLink was developed by our experienced technical staff at Regal. Therefore, we offer the support our customers need to be a successful business partner.

In this age of new technology, we at Regal strive to make ordering your parts as "user friendly" as possible. Your requests can be processed by phone, fax, email or RegalLink. RegalLink is our online ordering system. It is a fast effective way to check part availability, shipping weights and pricing. Prepare your own quotations and place orders online with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Are you a current RegalLink user?

If not, contact us today 800.824.2165/865.523.6324 or email us at Remember, you are just a "click" away from all your replacement part needs.